Dogs can tell when you’re laughing

I learned something really interesting about dogs today. Some scientists did some MRI scans on dogs to see how their brains responded to human voices. Apparently, the dogs’ brains responded to the voices in a similar way to humans’ brains. The scientists think that because dogs have lived alongside humans for so long, they have evolved to understand human emotions like happiness and sadness by listening to their voices. Here’s the full article if you’re interested, but it has a lot of scientific words in it:

English note:

“Dogs can tell when you’re laughing” means: dogs understand when you’re laughing.


Can you tell where he is from? (by hearing his accent)

Can you tell which way is north? (by looking at the sun)

I can tell he doesn’t like spicy food. (by looking at his face)

My mom can tell when I’m lying. (by looking at my face)


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