Student train photos. CONTEST!

Winner will be decided Sunday evening

Yoshiyuki’s photo of
East i-E, inspection train for tracks.
I had to Google this as I had never seen it before. Apparently it’s a very rare train to see. Well done Yoshiyuki!


Yoshiyuki’s photos of
A. New year train at Choshi station taken on this years’ new year day.
B. Hayabusa & Komachi at Tokyo station.

Pretty good photo of Choshi Electric Railway!


The second picture has the Komachi train; a high-speed shinkansen service between Tokyo and Akita and the Hayabushi train; travels  between Tokyo and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.

Is this a rare scene? The two Shinkansen trains nose to nose?



Miyuki’s photo of Kominato Railway.

Very nice shot with the cherry blossoms.

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