Jabble Family #2

Get to know your Jabble family.

Part two ;Chiba schools. Chiba and Funabashi.

1.What was your favorite toy as a kid?

2.At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? (max-out= reach your spending limit).

3.What was the worst punishment you received at school?

4.Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?

Chiba: Jesse, Paul and Yuki.


1. I used to love playing with Lego.
2. I would max-out my credit card at  Seijo Ishii Supermarket or any gourmet food supermarket.
3. I got double secret probation from my high school math teacher. Crime unknown.
4. I hang the toilet paper hanging over. I’m a sane person.
1. My favorite toy growing up was my proton pack.
2. I would go crazy on my Visa card at Tanakaya in Mejiro. Their beer selection is great.
3.I got a week of lunchtime detention. Crime unknown.
4. The toilet paper roll goes over!
1. My favorite toy when I was a kid was Lego.
2. I would spend everything on massages.
3. I’m an angel. I never got in trouble.
4. I don’t talk about toilet things.
Funabashi: Dave, Marshall, Chika, Mark and Samantha
1. My favorite toys were Transformers. They were so cool when i was a kid.
2.  I’d spend a lot at Golf 5.
3. I got earlier morning detention a few times for forgetting to take off my baseball hat in History class in grade 11.
4. I hand the toilet paper roll over.
1. My favorite toy was my nice drawing pencil set.
2. I would max my credit card at a home decor store.
3. I got dentition once because my dad was late driving me to school.
4. I hang toilet paper over.
1. My favorite toy was a teddy bear named Kuma.
2. I would max my credit card buying gemstones and minerals.
3. I never got in trouble! I never missed any homework.
4. I hang toilet paper over every time.
1. My favorite used to be Lego. I made spaceships and Star Wars fighters out of them.
2. I would max out my credit card at K’s Denki or Bic Camera.
3. My worst punishment at school was getting suspended for 3 days for playing paintball shirtless. 22 other guys also got suspended.
4.Hang toilet paper over if you are normal and under if you are a cat.
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