8月の月刊テーマ 〜スタッフ・講師オススメのお酒~


When I was living in New Zealand, I had a party with my friends at a Chinese restaurant. We drank this dangerous Chinese wine “Baijiu”. After the party, I couldn’t go back to my room and fell asleep at the door. Because it is around 50% alcohol by volume.


Hardywood Park  Gingerbread Stout/ハーディウッドパーク  ジンジャーブレッドスタウト

I like trying unique beers and this is one of the best ones I’ve had this year.


8月の月刊テーマ 〜スタッフ・講師オススメのお酒~

Sleeman  Honey Brown Lager/ スリーマン  ハニー・ブラウン・ラガー (ビール)

It’s pretty hard to chose my favorite drink, but one that I miss a lot from Canada is Sleemans Honey Brown Lager. It’s best in summer because it’s really smooth and refreshing. In Toronto here’s no better way to spend a weekend during summer than by heading up to the cottage and having a couple Sleemans by the lake. It’s awesome.



I usually drink bourbon or whiskey. It doesn’t fill me up like beer, and in summer I think a cold highball is more refreshing. I usually buy less expensive bourbon like Jim Beam or Johnny Walker. On special occasions like Christmas or my birthday, I usually get a nice single malt as a gift from my friends. Or I might buy it myself if I’m in the mood.


8月の月刊テーマ 〜スタッフ・講師オススメのお酒~

くじら 綾紫 (芋焼酎)

This is the best imo-shochu I’ve ever had! I first had it at a bar in Kagurazaka about 10 years ago and since then it’s been my favorite! It’s made in Kagoshima, from purple potatoes grown by local contracted farmers. You can find the shops that sell this shochu in the link below.



Sierra Nevada / シエラネバダ (ビール)

Sierra Nevada is the best beer on the planet! It’s the first beer I started drinking in university and I still love it today. It’s a beer that I can drink constantly and never get tired of. You can actually buy it at some places in Japan, like at Seijo Ishii, but it’s pretty expensive. A can here in Japan costs around ¥550, but it’s only around $1.50 in the States. So every year I go home, I bring back 24 bottles. Ha ha! Give it a try if you see it!



7月の月刊テーマはオススメ漫画! #3『7SEEDS』


月刊テーマ最終回は、私一番のお気に入り漫画「7 SEEDS」をご紹介します!

In our last post for recommendations we have one of my all-time favorite manga, 7 SEEDS!
This story is heart wrenching, post-apocalyptic story that will have you hooked for all 35 volumes.


7 Seeds tells the story of how the Japanese government prepared five teams to wake up in a future world following a mass extinction on Earth (caused by a meteor). Each team consists of seven people plus a guide and are programmed to awaken only when the world readjusts to a livable state. By this point, the entire landscape has shifted – there’s new ecosystems, new species, and constant uncertainties. The teams are named after the seasons, with two summer teams, A and B. B is filled with the old-world “rejects”, or those they thought had no chance as survival while A includes kids born and bred for the purpose of this project. With the fact that they were never told about the project before being put into sleeping pods (except group summer A), each team has to try and survive in this new brutal world to continue the existence of Japan.

This manga is  amazing. It’s mysterious, slightly terrifying and just romantic enough to add some drama without taking away from the main story.  7 Seeds tells a post-apocalyptic story with such depth and heart that you can’t help but get swept into the story and its very distinctive characters. Despite the sheer number of plot lines and number of characters, the manga never strays from its main plot; each arc is interesting and distinctive, and I never once feel the urge to fast forward through it. It’s definitely not a manga you’d read easily but one that makes you sit on the edge of your seat thinking and guessing about what’s going to happen next.


all-time favorite: これまでで一番の
extinction: 滅亡
purpose: 目的
distinctive: 特徴のある、独特な、個性的な

7月の月刊テーマはオススメ漫画! #2『ヲタクに恋は難しい』


For our second recommendation we have a manga for those who prefer funny, slice of life romance stories. And even if you don’t, I’m sure you’d love this one!



26-year-old Momose Narumi is a secret die-hard manga fangirl who recently switched jobs in hopes of being able to pass off the image of a perfect, beautiful young lady. However, her hopes are crushed when she reunites with her middle school classmate Nifuji Hirotaka, a handsome avid gamer nerd that knows about her secret. As they begin to reconnect over work stress, alcohol, and ramen they come to find out that love is difficult for otaku.


Wotakoi is a romance comedy which the main characters are huge otaku, Hirotaka and Narumi, along with supporting characters Taro and Hanako who are also otaku. The thing I loved the most about this manga was how realistic yet wholesome it was. It doesn’t have the forced drama, the unnecessary love triangle or the frustrating misunderstandings that could have been solved with talking that most romance comedies have. With such a light hearted comedy and pure romance its the perfect manga to lighten your mood after a bad day.


switch: 切り替える、交換する
pass off: なりすます
reunite: 再会する
frustrating: イライラさせる


7月の月刊テーマはオススメ漫画! #1『地獄楽』


For our first recommendation we have Hell’s Paradise! If you loved manga like Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin, or Attack on Titan, you will love this dark psychological thriller.


暗殺任務の最中に捕まった画眉丸は死刑を宣告される。しかし、超人的な肉体を持つ彼を処刑することは不可能だった。妻への愛情から彼は無意識的に死を遠ざけようとしているのだと悟った山田浅ェ門 佐切は、彼にチャンスを与える。それはもし画眉丸が、その存在すら確かではない神仙郷と呼ばれる伝説の島より、不老不死の薬を持ち帰れば、全ての罪を不問に付すというもであった。派遣調査団を5回に渡り失った将軍は、今回は死刑囚の一団を島へ派遣することに決める。彼らにはそれぞれ、山田一門の処刑人が付けられた。無罪放免を得るためには死刑囚は彼らと一緒に島から戻らなくてはならない。死刑囚、処刑人、そして不死身の化物が、島での生き残りを懸けて熾烈な戦いを繰り広げる。はたしてこの戦いを制するのは誰か。
Captured during an assassination mission, Gabimaru is sentenced to be executed, but nothing seems to kill him due to his superhuman body. Believing his love for his wife to be subconsciously keeping him alive, executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri offers him the chance to be pardoned of all crimes if he finds the elixir of life on Shinsenkyo, a legendary island recently discovered that might not even be of this world. After losing five expedition teams sent to the island, this time the Shogunate sends a group of death row convicts. The convicts are each given a Yamada Asaemon executioner, who they must return with in order to obtain the pardon. Convicts, executioners, and immortals battle to survive and make it off the island. Let’s just hope the ‘good guys’ make it out.


When I first started Hell’s Paradise, I didn’t expect much. Once I started though, I couldn’t put it down! Yuji Kaku has created an intense world, be it visually or morally. He blurs the lines between Hell and Paradise, good and evil, right and wrong. Instead of a protagonist that ‘never gives up!’, ‘stands by justice!’ and ‘can do anything as long as he puts his mind to it!’ we are introduced to Gabimaru.  Who is in no way the good guy, this villain/hero character is a new twist that I really enjoyed. Filled with plot twists, heart wrenching back stories, and easy to love characters I really recommend this manga!


assassination: 暗殺
execute: 死刑を執行する
subconsciously: 無意識に
convict: 囚人、受刑者

6月の月刊テーマはDIY! オリジナルデニムを作ろう!

6月の月刊テーマ“DIY” 、最終回はデニムパンツです!ジャケットでもオッケーです!
For the last post of our DIY Wednesday, let’s learn how to design your own denim pants! It’s also fun designing jackets too.

What you need 必要なモノ:

-Acrylic paint アクリル絵の具

-Paint brushes 絵筆

Fabric Medium

-Denim clothing デニムの服
※ストレッチのきいたものではなく、しっかりしたデニム素材のものが好ましいです。特に、大きなデザインを描きたい場合は、薄いものや、簡単に折れるものは避けましょう。 小さなデザインで良ければ、そこまで気にしなくて大丈夫です!

-Iron アイロン


Directions 作り方:

-Fill a cup with water, to rinse off your brushes between colors.

-For your design, If you’re going to paint a large picture, first paint the area white. This will be your first layer.

-Now lightly trace your design in pencil.

-After you have drawn a rough sketch of your design, it’s time to paint!

-To prepare your paints just squeeze out the amount you need, mix any colors if you would like. When you’ve gotten the amount and shade you want, mix a small bit of fabric medium in the paint.
*use a toothpick or the back of your paintbrush to mix, not your brush.*
*be sure the amount of paint you have is enough for two coats. It’ll be very difficult to get the exact shade if you run out.*

-After each color, let the paint dry for a few minutes, rinsing your brush and moving on to the next color when fully dried.

-When you’re done painting let your design dry for 10-20 hours so everything is completely 100% dry.

-Time to heat set! Acrylic paint is made of plastic, so to make it stay on the material and not wash away you have to melt the acrylic plastic to the clothing. Turn your denim clothing inside out and iron the backside of the painting. DO NOT iron on top of the painting itself or you might end up destroying both the painting and the iron. Iron for 5-7 minutes total, about 1 minute at a time. After each minute, stop ironing and let the denim cool down.

-And you’re done!! Enjoy your new denim pants/Jacket!

rinse: すすぐ
squeeze: 絞る
melt: 溶ける
destroy: 壊す

6月の月刊テーマはDIY! Hanging fairy light jars


This week we’re going to learn how to make hanging fairy light jars!
Hang it above your window, place it on a shelf or on your table. The sparkling lights will make your room look like a starry night sky.

*These DIY directions don’t include the wooden hooks*

What you need 必要なモノ:
-Mason Jar 口の広いガラス瓶
-Fairy lights 豆電球
-Jute twine string 麻紐
-air plant (fake plant is ok too.) エアプラント(フェイクでもOK)

Directions 作り方:
-Take you mason jar and twist the lid off.

Unwrap the fairy lights and ball them up. The messier the ball the better.

-Put the lights in the mason jar. Arrange the lights so the battery pack and switch is at the top of the lights and easy to reach.

-Take your brown jute twine string and wrap around the mouth of the jar a few times, as tight as possible. Make one knot and then tie into a bow.

-Take another strip of brown jute twine string and tie one end of the string to the twine wrapped around the jar. The other end of the string is going to be tied to the opposite side of the jar to create a handle.
**It might be difficult to fit the string under the already tight jute wrapped around the mason jar. Use a bobby pin or Q-tip to push the string through if needed.**

-Place the air plants you like on the top (hanging air plants are my recommendation.)

-Hang and enjoy your new lights!

hang: (壁などに)掛ける
unwrap: 包装を開ける
knot: 結びめ
bobby pin: ヘアピン

6月の月刊テーマはDIY! タイルでオリジナルコースターを作ろう!


I always enjoy holding art parties with my friends at home. With some paints and a glass of wine, it’s the perfect activity during these times. This week we’re going to learn how to make tile coasters to brighten up your house! Supplies can be found at Tokyu Hands, Sekaido, or other large craft stores.

Supplies 材料:

-square ceramic tiles  セラミックタイル
-Acrylic paint/ paint brush  アクリル絵の具/絵筆
-Mod Podge clear acrylic sealant (or any clear sealant) Mod Podgeアクリルシーラー(他透明なコーティング剤なら何でも)
-Super glue  強力接着剤
-Scissors  ハサミ
-Thin cork sheet  コルクシート


Directions 作り方:

1.Take your tile and clean the shiny side with water to clean it from any dirt and oils.

2.With the acrylic paints, enjoy drawing your design! (be careful to not use a lot of paint on the tiles and only a thin layer of paint. That way it’ll dry faster and stick to the tile better.)

3.Allow some time for the paints to dry.

4.One the paints are completely dried, paint a layer of Mod podge clear acrylic sealant with a clean paintbrush.

5.Once the sealant is dry, cut a square piece of cork sheet , any size that fits the bottom of your tile

6. Super glue the square cork sheet piece to the bottom of your tile. (you can also stack something heavy on top of the tile to help the cork sheet stick nicely to the tile.)


7.Wait the amount of time suggested on the glue package. And then you’re set!


Bonus! おまけ!
You can get some ribbon and wrap your tiles together and turn it into the perfect gift!


brighten up: 明るくする、活気づける
stick: くっつく
completely: 完全に
stack: (物を)積み上げる