A look at trends past/present in Japan/world.

Trendy Thursday

I don’t really know if this is trending yet but recently I read a conversation on line about a movie coming out soon. The movie is Godzilla vs King Kong. The people commenting were talking about how this fight is unfair. It’s unfair because Godzilla is 100 times more powerful that King Kong, not to mention 100 times bigger. Well, here is where it gets strange. In this movie they are the same size!!! Godzilla is a mini Godzilla…Strange.

Let’s be honest , Godzilla would kick King Kong’s butt any day.

Who do you think would win?


Trendy Thursdays

The picture that exploded online.

Over the last few days a photo of American politician Bernie Sanders has been all over the internet. It has been tweeted and retweeted over and over.

People photo shopped Bernie’s picture into many famous situations and settings.

The original photo is from President Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

Pretty funny stuff. Why do you think this photo became so popular?


Trendy Thursday

Last week we talked about how we saw Korean boy band BTS everywhere.

Over the last few years and more so recently, I see oogui eater (gluttony eater or food fighter) Gal Sone on TV. She’s always in a food challenge eating verses bigger people like athletes,  sumo wrestlers and baseball players.

It is CRAZY how much she can eat. She eats up to 5 kilos of food at one time.

Nowadays You Tube queen of eating Kinoshita Yuka gets all the attention. With over 5 million subscribers on You Tube she’s making a good living eating like a pig.

Take a look at her eating 200 pieces of sushi. Oh my…Are you into watching people eat large amounts of food?


Trendy Thursday

What’s hot in Japan? It seems Mister Doughnuts has got the hot new items.

Last year Mister Doughnuts collaborated with  PIERRE HERMÉ Patisserie ‘ and this year they got together with Pierre Marcolini

Are you going to line up for these luxury desserts?


It seems Mister Doughnuts has the hot new items. (looks like but I’m not certain)

It seems like every time I start eating my cat starts mewing loudly. (looks like but not a fact)

It seems that the printer is broken. (stopped working but we are not sure)