New! 大学受験グノーブルと第4回合同企画を開催します!


New! 大学受験グノーブルと第3回合同企画を開催します!


New! 大学受験グノーブルと第二回合同企画を開催します!





出典元: Disney Warner Bros

『今を生きる/Dead Poets Society』(1989)
監督:ピーターウィアー/Peter Weir

For generations the students of Welton Academy have been groomed to conform and follow the strict tradition of high society. Dead Poets Society follows one class in particular where a group of boys go about their school days doing nothing but studyingー that is until a charismatic new teacher, John Keating, becomes their new teacher. He inspires them to think for themselves, live life to the fullest, and ”Carpe Diem”. His unconventional approach reaches the hearts of the boys and inspires them to live freely, they decide to start a new secret club called the dead poets society where they sneak out at night to meet.


ウェルトン・アカデミーの学生たちは、何世代にもわたり、厳しい上流社会の伝統的なルールに従うよう教育されてきた。映画『今を生きる』は、勉強以外に何もすることのない男子生徒たちばかりのクラスに、あるカリスマ的な新任教師、ジョン・キーティングがやってくるところから始まる。彼は生徒たちに、自分と向き合うよう、充実した人生を送るよう、そして”今を生きる”よう促す。彼の型破りなやり方は、男子生徒たちの自由に生きたいという思いを刺激し、彼らは”Dead Poets Society”と呼ばれる秘密のクラブを作って夜中に会うようになる。


You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all.


例: The employees strive to make every customer happy.
例: The director strives to make an Oscar winning film one day.

Less likely to 〜
例: Kids are less likely to get hurt when doing sports.
例: Cats are less likely to be noisy than dogs.

The longer ( ), the less likely ( ).
長く( )なほど、( ) の可能性は低くなる
例: The longer you take on reports, the less likely you’ll get a promotion.
例: The longer you procrastinate studying, the less likely you are to pass the test.


Markの冬休み Part 2

On our way back from the snow monkey park, I broke my glasses. They were basically unrepairable. So on our way to Bessho Onsen, we stopped at Ueda, a suburban area with a shopping mall. I was able to buy a new pair of glasses there. I was so surprised by how quick this process took – no more than two hours! In Australia, it usually takes about a week to get a new pair of glasses.

Ueda is situated more in the southern part of Nagano and to my surprise, it took about two hours to get there by train from Yudanak. Ueda also has a castle there that played a role in the battle of Sekigahara. Around the castle grounds, there was a big playground that my son could go and play in.

The last part of the mini trip was at Bessho onsen. It’s also another small town famous for its hot springs. The town is more situated in a valley, so there wasn’t really any snow there. We stayed at a Ryokan style hotel. Most of the town was closed up for New Year’s and were only two restaurants opened – wandering the town at night felt like we were wandering in a ghost town. We ended up having a dinner of rice balls and deer meat at the hotel. Breakfast though was far more satisfying – the salmon was amazing. And the onsen at the hotel was incredible.





basically: 基本的に
suburban: 郊外の
satisfying: 満足のいく
incredible: 信じられないくらい良い

Markの冬休み Part 1

Over the holidays, my family and I went to Yudanaka, Bessho Onsen and a brief stop at Ueda. Yudanaka is in the north of Nagano (north of Nagano city). We took the shinkansen to Nagano station and then took a train to Yudanaka. Yudanaka is famous for its hot springs. It’s also close to the famous snow monkey park.

Yudanaka is a small town and is the last stop on the Nagano-Dentetsu Line. The train ride from Nagano to Yudanaka was great; seeing a landscape full of snow reminded me of my first trip to Japan. It brought back that excitement.

The hotel room was surprisingly big and my son loved it because he could jump around on the futons. After a nice shabu shabu meal (my son had hamburg) and going to the onsen, I took some pics of the town at night when it was snowing.

The next day, we all went to the snow monkey park. It’s about a two and a half kilometer hike up the mountain from the closest bus stop. Although it was sunny, it was colder than we had expected it to be. When we got to the park, I was surprised by how many monkeys were there and equally surprised by how many tourists were there.








remind me of 〜: 〜を思い出させる
surprisingly: 驚いたことに
although: にもかかわらず
expect: 期待する、予測する


While I was in Hawaii my sisters wanted to go on a sunrise hike, I’m not a big fan of hiking but I couldn’t help but be excited to see such a beautiful view. There are multiple small concrete buildings along the trail so you can stop whenever you get tired. Of course my sisters, being regular hikers, wanted to go to the furthest building on the trail but I burnt out at the 2nd building. I was surprised to see that everyone watches the sunrise from the roof of the building but after getting up there I understood why, it was such a great view! Definitely worth waking up at 4am. Have you ever gone on a sunrise hike?



I’m not a big fan of~: 〜はあまり好きではない
I couldn’t help but〜: 〜する他仕方がない
Along: 〜に沿って
Burnt out: 精力が尽きた

月刊テーマ – What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song? お気に入りのクリスマスソングは?


This week Kelly has shared a current favorite, One More Sleep by Leona Lewis.


Christmas music is also great to listen to while you work! Something about it wakes me up and helps me stay motivated. How about you? Do you like listening to music while you work?

Hawaii! -Tabby

When I went to Hawaii I went to see a popular alley where the street is lined with huge surf boards. It was actually a great view with the beach in the distance and all the colorful surfboards. Unfortunately a few days after I went, it was reported that the surf boards had caught on fire! A few of them were totally ruined, some were able to be saved.



alley: 路地
unfortunately: 残念ながら
ruined: 台無しになった