Miki in 韓国

These are photos from when I last went to Korea, I really want to go to Korea again so I’m going to post about my last trip there.
  At that time, I went to Ihwa Mural Village and Jongno 3-ga.
I’ve always wanted to go to Jongno 3-ga to drink because I often saw many of those food stands in Korean dramas.
I recommend to go in October there because the temperature is nice and it is easy to be out all day!



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Photos from staff and teachers

I took this photo in New Zealand with my favorite shoes , chips and a coffee.

It was a  beautiful day.


Photos from staff and teachers

The Duncan family out in the mountains in Okutama. Our little girl’s third hike and she’s only seven months old.



Photo tips from a Tik Tok user.

If you like taking shots of flowers try this one!


Mind Challenge Monday!

I wanted to continue practicing rhyming. On Saturday we looked at rhyming words such as elf and shelf, Santa and Fanta, Yoda and Soda and Rock with clock.

  1. Something that you give that rhymes with LIFT. _______________.

  2. Something that you send that rhymes with HARD. _____________.

  3. A little helper that rhymes with SHELF. ____________________.

  4. A famous reindeer that rhymes with GOLF. __________________.

  5. Something you decorate that rhymes with BEE. _______________.

  6. Something Santa hold that rhymes with BACK. ________________.


That time of year

It’s that time of the year again when most families across America have gotten their trees out of the attic, basement or shed, have just bought their first plastic tree or have gone out to the Christmas Tree lot to let the kids pick out their favorite tree. More Americans this year are deciding to get a freshly cut tree. Picking out a tree in a lot or in a field on the outskirts of town is a huge family event. More than twenty million trees will be sold from these lots or fields this year in America. Trees are often placed near living room windows so it can be seen from outside. Tree skirts are wrapped underneath the tree for the presents to rest on, angels or stars are often placed atop the trees with bulbs and ornaments hung on the branches and lights and tinsel wrapped around the tree from top to bottom. Presents are often placed beneath the tree weeks in advance leaving children desperate for Christmas day to come when they’ll get up extra early, rush to their parents room to wake them, drag them out of bed to the living room where each member of the family starts tearing their own gifts loose from the wrapping paper. Many Americans will take down their trees a few days after New Years, box them up or throw them onto the curb, where, in my home town they are all taken to a large dump to be burned with a large group of locals and media in attendance to mark The Burning of the Greens.



Tech Thursday

The Nintendo switch is selling like hotcakes. (飛ぶように売れる)


‘The news reflects the demand for the Switch and blockbuster game titles including Animal Crossing, which has proved a hit during the isolation of the pandemic.”

People staying at home created a demand for the portable game system.

Did you buy the Nintendo switch since the pandemic began?