Textbook Tuesday


1)By the time we got to the top, it was cold and rainy. 私たちが頂上に着いた頃には、気温が下がり、雨も降っていた。

2)By the time I arrived at the restaurant, everyone had already started eating. 私がレストランに着いた頃には、みんなもう食べ始めていた。

3) By the time he was 10, he could speak 3 languages. 10歳になる頃には、彼は三か国語を話していた。

Technology Thursday

Does anyone use their phone so much the battery has died? (電池切れだ)

Have you ever tried an external battery? I bought one last year but it’s too heavy. It’s not really practical. (それは実践的ではありません)

I asked a few people and they said RAV Power 10000mAh Power Bank is pretty good.

It’s small, light weight and has good recharging power. It sells for 3,999 yen on Amazon so it’s not so expensive.



Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan

We went to watch day 13 of the November sumo Tournament and it was so much fun.


I really like it when they bring out all the wrestlers from the East and West and introduce them. Here’s a short clip of it. Don’t mind the old man passing in front of the camera hahaha.

My 5 favorite wrestlers at the moment are 1) Terunofuji 2) Ryuden

3) Kotoecho 4) Daieisho and 5)Tobizaru.

Do you have a favorite sumo wrestler?  We would really like to know.


Mind Challenge Monday #23

Word game!

Here is a game called Boggle. We can see letters in a 4 by 4 grid.

So our job is to make words from the letters. they can be 3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words , 6 letter words and even some 7 letter words.

We make words by connecting the letters . Look at example 1.

Example 1

    You can see that we have connected N O S and E together to spell NOSE. That’s 1 four                                                                                           letter word.


Example 2

Here we connected L E S S O and N to spell LESSON. A 5 letter word.


How many words can you find? we finished with 38 words

Mind Challenge Monday #22

How much do you know about healthy eating habits f0r dogs?

Try this quiz! We got 63% We don’t know so much about dogs…  https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/rm-quiz-dog-food-facts

Good luck!

Textbook Tuesday


A.I always look forward to going back to my home town and seeing family.地元に帰って家族に会うのがいつも楽しみ

B. I always look forward to walking my dog and seeing him interact with other dogs.犬の散歩にでかけて、自分の犬と他の犬が戯れるのを見るのがいつも楽しみ

C. I always look forward to going to the pet shop and looking at the cute animals.ペットショップに行って、可愛い動物をみるのがいつも楽しみ

D. I always love feeding my cats and seeing them run towards the food.いつも、猫たちが餌に向かって走っていくのを見るのが大好き