Discovering food

One of my favorite foods that I’ve discovered while traveling was Uzbeki/Russian food. Most of the dishes are based around spiced chicken, mutton, or beef. They are usually skewered, over rice, or in big stews. Even the bread has meat inside of it! Side dishes are often different pickled or baked vegetables, like carrots, tomato, or eggplant. If you like meat, you’ll love Uzbeki food!


Trendy Thursday

I’m no investor but this news about Bit coin is pretty interesting.

Bit Coin is hot!



I’m no investor but this news is interesting.

I’m no medical expert but I think taking too many vitamins is not good for you..

I’m no fashion expert but I think the color blue and green don’t go well together.

Textbook Tuesday

1.My friends imagined that I would be living in a capsule hotel but actually I live in an apartment like I did in Canada.—->友人達は私がカプセルホテルに住んでいると思っていたが、実際はカナダにいた時と同様にアパートに住んでいる.

2. I imagined that I would be living in the city all my life but now I’m living in the countryside.—>自分は一生都会で暮らすものだと思っていたが、今は田舎に住んでいる。

3.My sister thought I would be coming home for the holidays, but obviously I can’t go due to Corona. —>妹は私が休暇中に帰省すると思っていたが、コロナのせいで明らかに無理だ

Mind Challenge Monday

Riddle time!

Today we have two riddles to solve. Good luck!


1. What English word has 3 consecutive double letters in it?

WOOLLEN has 2 consecutive double letters. OO and LL.


2.You see a boat full of people on it. It hasn’t sunk but when you look again not a single person is on the boat? Why?




I saw two cats on my way to work the other day.

The orange one was very cute. He was sleeping on the motorcycle. When I tried to take his picture, he woke up. He lay down by my feet and asked me to pet him, but he was dirty, so I didn’t pet him.
The black and white cat seemed angry. He was meowing very loudly. I think he is the cat that wakes me up everyday with his loud meowing.


Yuki’s dog Luke!

My name is Luke!

I am 9 years old.

I live in Hamamatsu city.

I like being a couch potato all day.

My favorite thing is everything except for dog food.

If I need to choose, I’d say アグー豚 and shine muscat grapes.

I think I’m more of a foodie than Yuki is!





Technology Thursday

Today’s recommend item is a step counting app called Pedometer.

I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and it’s very easy to use.



Do you watch how many steps you take in a day?


Cats are the real bosses

If Dracula had a cat he would have to sleep on the floor. *Because cat people give their cats whatever they want, including their beds.