Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan

We went to watch day 13 of the November sumo Tournament and it was so much fun.


I really like it when they bring out all the wrestlers from the East and West and introduce them. Here’s a short clip of it. Don’t mind the old man passing in front of the camera hahaha.

My 5 favorite wrestlers at the moment are 1) Terunofuji 2) Ryuden

3) Kotoecho 4) Daieisho and 5)Tobizaru.

Do you have a favorite sumo wrestler?  We would really like to know.


Mind Challenge Monday #23

Word game!

Here is a game called Boggle. We can see letters in a 4 by 4 grid.

So our job is to make words from the letters. they can be 3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words , 6 letter words and even some 7 letter words.

We make words by connecting the letters . Look at example 1.

Example 1

    You can see that we have connected N O S and E together to spell NOSE. That’s 1 four                                                                                           letter word.


Example 2

Here we connected L E S S O and N to spell LESSON. A 5 letter word.


How many words can you find? we finished with 38 words

Mind Challenge Monday #22

How much do you know about healthy eating habits f0r dogs?

Try this quiz! We got 63% We don’t know so much about dogs…

Good luck!

Textbook Tuesday


A.I always look forward to going back to my home town and seeing family.地元に帰って家族に会うのがいつも楽しみ

B. I always look forward to walking my dog and seeing him interact with other dogs.犬の散歩にでかけて、自分の犬と他の犬が戯れるのを見るのがいつも楽しみ

C. I always look forward to going to the pet shop and looking at the cute animals.ペットショップに行って、可愛い動物をみるのがいつも楽しみ

D. I always love feeding my cats and seeing them run towards the food.いつも、猫たちが餌に向かって走っていくのを見るのが大好き