Mind Challenge Monday#9

Trivia day!

6 trivia questions just for you! Good luck!

  1.  What is the day after Christmas called in the UK, Canada, Australia,New Zealand, and South Africa,

  2. What country did bagels come from  (由来) from?

  3. How many ribs ( 肋骨) are in the human body?

  4. What’s the world’s largest island?

  5. Which Disney movies features the song “When you wish upon a star?”

  6. Which country won the first World cup (soccer) in 1930?


Silly Saturdays #8

100 types of walks as shown by Kevin Parry.

This is good, funny stuff. Notice the words at the the bottom. It’s pretty good vocabulary.

Our man in Japan

I don’t watch a lot of new TV shows, but earlier this year I stumbled across a fun show on Amazon Prime. It’s called James May: Our Man in Japan. It’s a docuseries (documentary TV series) that follows a British guy, James May, on a journey across Japan. As the James travels from Hokkaido to Kyushu, he goes to a lot of interesting places, meets some fascinating people and has some unbelievable experiences. If you have a chance, check it out and let me know what you think!



Mind Challenge

The odd one out.

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Atlantic 2.Pacific 3.Indian 4.Mediterranean 5. Arctic

#4 doesn’t belong. The Mediterranean is a Sea and the others are oceans.


Let’s try!

1.Atom Boy 2. Doramon 3. Anpanman 4. Tetsujin-28

1.Avocado 2. carrot 3. cucumber 4. banana

1,Snake 2. mouse 3. salmon 4. lizard

1,Iron man 2.Spider man 3.Super man 4.Ice man

1, beer   2. chocolate   3, cinnamon   4, green tea



Mind Challenge Monday#4

Can you guess the food in the pictures? 

That red fruit in the photo  is called a Pomegranate.

Check out the website below for a fun ‘guess the food quiz.’

I got 6 out of 8 on the quiz. Tell us your score!



Mind Challenge Monday #2


What man can shave 10 times a day and still have a beard?

If you know the answer you can type it below.

Good luck!

Mind Challenge Monday #1

Every Monday we will post a puzzle, riddle or a problem. Can you solve them?


What number is the car parked on?

If you know the answer go ahead and type it below, Good luck!




Train Day

If you have to stay in, there’s nothing more fun than playing with some model trains. Honestly, who doesn’t love trains?


How do you spend your quarantine ?

One of the things I’ve been enjoying during this quarantine is cooking. I wouldn’t say I hadn’t cooked before, but it was just easy to buy something from the deli at the supermarket or eat out on working days.
Recently, on top of cooking regular meals, I started baking!! I’m usually not so strict about my diet, but last week I baked some cake with rice flour, which doesn’t have gluten. When it comes to ingredients, I like to use healthy alternatives!!

“Make 〜 from scratch.”
(〜を0から作る) 手作りという意味です。