Mori Museum; STARS exhibition

We went over to the Mori Museum to check out the STARS exhibit. It was really a lot of fun. The pieces were very interesting and some were thought provoking! (思考を刺激する)

It was work by the following six artists.

Yayoi Kusama, Lee Ufan, Tatsuo Miyajima, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Go check it out!


Rainy days and outdoor yoga

Recently it’s become colder and it often rains. ☔🌧
I feel nostalgic because it reminds me of Seattle. I loved to do yoga outside, especially on rainy days.


Do you think rainy days are relaxing?



Trendy Thursday

I’m no investor but this news about Bit coin is pretty interesting.

Bit Coin is hot!


I’m no investor but this news is interesting.

I’m no medical expert but I think taking too many vitamins is not good for you..

I’m no fashion expert but I think the color blue and green don’t go well together.





スタンプ第一弾 ダウンロードはこちら

スタンプ第二弾 ダウンロードはこちら


Learn English From Movie Quote

『ソーシャル・ネットワーク/The Social Network』(2010) 

監督:デヴィッド・フィンチャー /David Fincher

本日は、私がデヴィッド・フィンチャー作品の中で一番好きな『ソーシャル・ネットワーク』からご紹介いたします!Facebook創設者マーク・ザッカーバーグの話です。実話を基にはしていますが、かなり脚色されているので、実際のマーク・ザッカーバーグはどうとか、事実と違うとかそういう話は一旦さておき…、めちゃくちゃ感動しました!これ、俳優も映像も編集も音楽も、全てが素晴らしいんですが、個人的にこの映画最大の魅力は台詞だと思っています。スタイリッシュで洗練された会話のやりとり、その歌うようなリズムが、キャラクターの人物像やシーンの情景を、非常に的確に表現しています。すでに一度鑑賞済みの方や中級以上の方は、ぜひ、台詞に注目しながら、英語字幕での鑑賞をおススメします!ちなみに、脚本のアローン・ソーキンは脚本家として高い評価を受けていますが、最近では自身で監督も務めています (『モリーズ・ゲーム』『シカゴ7裁判』)。


◆You are not an asshole Mark…you are just trying so hard to be.



try so hard (to~動詞の原形)


例:I’m trying so hard to lose weight.


例:You don’t have to try so hard.




Textbook Tuesday

1He told me it would be cheaper to buy a new DVD player than to fix my old one.—> 修理に出すより、新しいDVDプレイヤーを買った方が安くなると店で言われた。

2.I was told it would be better to start yoga than to start jogging.—>ジョギングよりも、まずはヨガから始めた方がいいと言われた。

3 My boss told me it would be better to use excel than write the notes on paper.—>報告書は手書きではなく、Excelを使った方がいいと上司に言われた。

Mind Challenge Monday!

I wanted to continue practicing rhyming. On Saturday we looked at rhyming words such as elf and shelf, Santa and Fanta, Yoda and Soda and Rock with clock.

  1. Something that you give that rhymes with LIFT. _______________.

  2. Something that you send that rhymes with HARD. _____________.

  3. A little helper that rhymes with SHELF. ____________________.

  4. A famous reindeer that rhymes with GOLF. __________________.

  5. Something you decorate that rhymes with BEE. _______________.

  6. Something Santa hold that rhymes with BACK. ________________.

Common Mistakes

Let’s look at some common mistakes made and how to better say what you want to say.

Silly Saturdays


Here is a elf on a shelf!

Elf and shelf rhyme. Similar or same ending sounds.

Yoda on a soda  Santa on a Fanta!

Rock on a clock!

Can you finish these 5 rhyming words?

____________________ ON A ______________________