An earnest dog trying to do his best.


What a smart dog! maybe? 😅 It’s funny how he breaks the snowball with his nose while ”burying” it.
I wonder how he reacts when he goes back to look for his snowballs in the pile of snow…

賢い犬?😅 雪玉を鼻で崩しながら埋めてるのが面白いですよね。

新しい先生が入りました!Say hello to the newest Jabble teacher, Angie!

Jabble was lucky to welcome Angie to the team in January!

Born in New York and raised in Chicago, Angie is a city girl through and through. She’s also quite allergic to cats but can’t resist petting them. (She always regrets it afterwards but it doesn’t stop her from reaching for the felines every time.) In her free time she enjoys going to rock concerts and quiet museums, depending on the day.

If you get the chance to meet her feel free to talk about your cats, a recent trip to the museum, or your favorite rock music~ 😸👩🏻‍🎤🏛




Home-made valentines day chocolates idea!

Happy Valentines everyone! I hope you enjoy your time with loved ones tomorrow.  In America and Europe we don’t celebrate White day and instead just have Valentines day where we exchange gifts to girls and guys. The most popular gift is of course chocolate and sweets! How have you celebrated Valentines day?








Markの冬休み Part 2

On our way back from the snow monkey park, I broke my glasses. They were basically unrepairable. So on our way to Bessho Onsen, we stopped at Ueda, a suburban area with a shopping mall. I was able to buy a new pair of glasses there. I was so surprised by how quick this process took – no more than two hours! In Australia, it usually takes about a week to get a new pair of glasses.

Ueda is situated more in the southern part of Nagano and to my surprise, it took about two hours to get there by train from Yudanak. Ueda also has a castle there that played a role in the battle of Sekigahara. Around the castle grounds, there was a big playground that my son could go and play in.

The last part of the mini trip was at Bessho onsen. It’s also another small town famous for its hot springs. The town is more situated in a valley, so there wasn’t really any snow there. We stayed at a Ryokan style hotel. Most of the town was closed up for New Year’s and were only two restaurants opened – wandering the town at night felt like we were wandering in a ghost town. We ended up having a dinner of rice balls and deer meat at the hotel. Breakfast though was far more satisfying – the salmon was amazing. And the onsen at the hotel was incredible.





basically: 基本的に
suburban: 郊外の
satisfying: 満足のいく
incredible: 信じられないくらい良い

Markの冬休み Part 1

Over the holidays, my family and I went to Yudanaka, Bessho Onsen and a brief stop at Ueda. Yudanaka is in the north of Nagano (north of Nagano city). We took the shinkansen to Nagano station and then took a train to Yudanaka. Yudanaka is famous for its hot springs. It’s also close to the famous snow monkey park.

Yudanaka is a small town and is the last stop on the Nagano-Dentetsu Line. The train ride from Nagano to Yudanaka was great; seeing a landscape full of snow reminded me of my first trip to Japan. It brought back that excitement.

The hotel room was surprisingly big and my son loved it because he could jump around on the futons. After a nice shabu shabu meal (my son had hamburg) and going to the onsen, I took some pics of the town at night when it was snowing.

The next day, we all went to the snow monkey park. It’s about a two and a half kilometer hike up the mountain from the closest bus stop. Although it was sunny, it was colder than we had expected it to be. When we got to the park, I was surprised by how many monkeys were there and equally surprised by how many tourists were there.








remind me of 〜: 〜を思い出させる
surprisingly: 驚いたことに
although: にもかかわらず
expect: 期待する、予測する

宇宙猫に会える不思議なホステル『WeBase 広島』 – Angie

宇宙猫に会える不思議なホステル『WeBase 広島』

Angie and her friend stayed at an interesting hostel in Hiroshima. The front lobby had a giant astronaut cat sticking out from the ceiling. They found even more cat astronauts hiding under tables and chairs. If anyone is heading over to Hiroshima this year, you should definitely check it out!





冬季休校のお知らせ 2021/2022



千葉校・船橋校・新宿校 ・お茶の水校:2021/12/20(月)~ 2022/1/3(月)

新橋校:2020/12/19(日)~ 2021/1/2(日)





It’s that time of year when the teachers and staff of Jabble spend time with loves ones and overeat. Please don’t judge our weight gain in the new year. We will work our hardest to slim down. While we are away please enjoy your time and think of some good stories to tell us. We will have some for you. Thank you always for being part of the Jabble family. Know that we care about each and everyone of you dearly. Thinking about you over our holidays! Happy holidays to all! Happy New Year 2022!

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