お宮参り (Omiya Mairi)

On January 17th Charlie, our baby, had his 100 day Omiya Mairi at a shrine in Yoyogi. Both our parents were able to come (My parents came over from Australia to join the ceremony). We had just bought the stroller for Charlie the day before. I remember that we arrived there just in time. The ceremony was held inside the shrine. When the Kannushi started to play the drums, Charlie got surprised by the sound. The Kannushi then gave his blessings. After that, we all sipped a little Sake from a dish.


Lake Ouachita

This is a nice shot of Lake Ouachita (pronounced WA-shi-ta) from my home state Arkansas.  The most surprising thing about it is, it isn’t a natural lake! It was built so it could power a hydroelectric dam. But, it’s still a beautiful place. In fact, in the summer, it’s one of the most popular places to go swimming, jet skiing, or fishing. It wasn’t that far from my hometown, and you can rent anything you need. One summer, my family and I rented a small cabin and a boat for the weekend, and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. We just swam, barbecued, and relaxed all day.


Crayon Shin Chan – クレヨンしんちゃん


The show has now been dubbed in 30 languages which aired in 45 countries,
has over 1007 episodes and 26 full-length movies.




例:The main character called Shin-chan, is vulgar, but funny and really
So the movies are impressive and the TV animations are funny.
( なので映画では感動するしテレビアニメでは笑えます。)
CRAYON SHIN CHAN has been dubbed in over 30 languages. So if you have
time, try and watch it!

See you around!!


Back to the future the musical

A friend of mine in England went to see this musical last week. I’m not really a big fan of musicals, but I think this one looks really good. I love the movie and I hope I get the chance to see how it works as a musical.

Are there any classic movies that you would like to see turned into musicals?


Tagboat Art Awards

On Sunday I went to the Tagboat art prize awards at the Hikarie Building in Shibuya. Tagboat is an online art gallery and shop which focuses on young and new artists.
Here is the internet link. http://www.tagboat.com/
Some of the artwork was very interesting, including this woman`s face which was made from shopping receipts. However, to be honest, I am not such a big art fan, and I enjoyed the free beer more than the art itself.


The Witcher (this isn’t about beer)

Most recently I’ve been into a TV show and PS 4 game called The Witcher. They are both based on a series of books.  The Witcher is about man on adventures monster hunting. Witchers are made from a young age and modified genetically to hunt various creatures such as vampires, ghosts and trolls. They are usually paid to hunt these creatures. In the PS 4 game you have to research the creatures you are hunting and learn their weaknesses.  The TV show was pretty entertaining and the game isn’t bad.


Rainbow in the sky

I saw this cool rainbow in Chiba the other day. I’d never seen one like this before. It was only a partial rainbow and it was directly overhead. It looked like the sky was smiling 😊 at me.
Have you ever seen an unusual rainbow? 


Hinamatsuri – 雛祭り

When I opened google this morning, I found that today’s doodle celebrates Japan’s Girls’ Day.

Happy Hinamatsuri!!

By the way, do you know the other name for this festival ? (Do not google it!! Ha ha ha)


Japan’s Mini Beers ミニビール

Has anyone ever seen these at your local supermarket? These things crack me up. I mean, who buys the little cans? It’s definitely not me. 

On second thought, it might be funny to do an entire night of just drinking the tiny ones. Then again, I might have to buy more than 30 of them. Ha ha.



Beer walking with a stranger back in Japan 飲み歩き

Long time no post folks, so I thought I’d share this one.

Back in May, over the Golden Week holiday, a very special person from Jabble’s past was in town for a few days.

Anyone remember this beautiful big man’s face? That’s right…Ryan!

So how to celebrate such an occasion? Well, why not do what we so often did when he was still in Japan: walk around Tokyo drinking beer!

Oh, and our lunch time (beautiful) mistake: a bowl of fatty miso ramen.

ごっつ ラーメン (Gottsu Ramen)

Oddly, after lunch I didn’t feel nearly as bad as I thought I would. (I followed Dave’s advice and tried to limit the amount of soup I ate. Ha ha!)

Thank you ごっつ ラーメン (Gottsu Ramen)! You were worth every minute of the food coma.


Welcome back to Japan, Ryan! You’ve been missed!