Mind Challenge Monday #1

Every Monday we will post a puzzle, riddle or a problem. Can you solve them?


What number is the car parked on?

If you know the answer go ahead and type it below, Good luck!




Online Drinks With Friends

One of the silver linings of this awful situation is that it has given me a different way to drink and catch up with friends from all over the world.

 In Japan, the US, Australia, and even Abu Dhabi, we’re all trying to do our part by staying at home. Luckily because of online meeting companies (like Zoom 😉), we’ve already had three or four nomikai nights online!
Here’s a picture from one of them
(Some of you Jabble students will recognize someone from Jabble’s past!)

Train Day

If you have to stay in, there’s nothing more fun than playing with some model trains. Honestly, who doesn’t love trains?


Activities for kids at home #4

Paper hand and foot game

You have to draw (trace) or print ,hand and feet on paper. around 15 -20 hand pictures and 20 feet pictures.
It depends on children’s age and how big your place is.
Place 3 drawings down on the floor. Taping then down is probably best.
The children start in front- you could make a starting line.
The children start by copying what the pictures show.
Example 🖐👞👞 is left hand down and both feet down
✋✋👞 is both hands down and one foot
The children have to race though by jumping to the next set of drawings without making any mistake or falling!
Great for co ordination and good fun!

How do you spend your quarantine ?

One of the things I’ve been enjoying during this quarantine is cooking. I wouldn’t say I hadn’t cooked before, but it was just easy to buy something from the deli at the supermarket or eat out on working days.
Recently, on top of cooking regular meals, I started baking!! I’m usually not so strict about my diet, but last week I baked some cake with rice flour, which doesn’t have gluten. When it comes to ingredients, I like to use healthy alternatives!!

“Make 〜 from scratch.”
(〜を0から作る) 手作りという意味です。


Activities for kids at home #3

Kids fashion show.
Get the kids to dress up in various outfits. Try some serious ones, some funny ones and maybe let the kids choose some from some boxes randomly.
You could lay out all types of clothing especially things they have never tried on before. Or you could put a bunch of close in a box and the kids have to randomly choose. Have a box for tops and and other for bottoms. One for hats and one for socks. Depending on age you could add make up and jewelry…
Set the stage
Set up a kind of runway. Something simple is fine. A carpet or just some lines put down in tape.
Add music
Something fun/popular.
Alternatively, you could use pets!

Friends: My Favorite TV Show Of All Time

Back when Dave and I were roommates, we used to watch Friends episodes over and over. (At the time, we didn’t have Netflix so we used to watch the limited number of DVDs we had multiple times.)

I think we seriously watched the whole TV show at least three or four times…maybe more. And so you know, the 10-season show had 236 episodes! That’s a lot of TV watching, ha ha!

Well recently, over the last couple months, I’ve been inside more often so I started watching Friends again.

For students, I think it’s one of the best TV shows to study with. They use everyday English, the show is super funny, and it’s a great story that spanned ten years.
Check it out if you haven’t seen it! I still love it.

Mud Bowl

One semi-popular summer event that a lot of people don’t know about is the Mud Bowl! In most
places, a mud bowl is a like a sports day, but you play in a big, muddy field. Usually, a school, church,
or businesses host these competitions in the summer when it’s just too hot to play normally. Most of
the time, people play American football as the main activity. But, if football is too rough for you, you
can also play soccer and volleyball. Like most American sports events, there’s a lot of food and cold
drinks. So, if getting covered in mud doesn’t sound like fun, you can just watch and eat some
barbecue, hamburgers, or hot-dogs!


Activities for kids at home #2

Indoor scavenger hunt

Make a list of things that the kids can look for and collect in the house. Of course places tend to be smaller in Japan so make the object something they have to think about.
Find something that becomes smaller the more you use it (could be soap, eraser).
You could make a point system.  Some items are worth more points than others.
Something that makes your teeth cleaner = toothbrush 10 points
Something that we use to send a message to another place = envelope 30 points
You could make a time limit.
You have 30 minutes to find these things.
What you need
A list of items to find, items around the house (hiding sharp items).
A timer on smart phone

How many can you get?

A friend sent me this image to challenge me and see how many I can get right. It contains some abstract images of famous movies and TV shows characters (mostly cartoons & animation). Now, I am challenge you on How many you can get?  (Again…Do not google it!! Ha ha ha)

Please write down the answers, but only the number of the image you could guess.