What’s the best show you have seen on Netflicks?

Nowadays it’s so easy to just start up a movie or TV show wherever you are. We can thank on-line
companies like Net flicks. I’ve watched a lot of good stuff on Net flicks so I’ll tell you about my
favorite TV shows. It’s always so tough to narrow down favorite shows to just one but I’ll have to go
with Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a British TV series best described as a psychological thriller series.
Each episode is one story not really connected to the other episodes. The focus of each episode is
how humanity as invested too much of itself into technology. This show is superb and I cannot
recommend it enough. It can be pretty dark but overall the show is interesting and really makes you


What did you think of Star Wars 8; The Last Jedi?

I watched the newest Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi during my New Year’s holiday. I’ll be honest. While the movie was entertaining as a sci-fi movie, it really disappointed me. I thought a lot of the scenes in the movie were really silly. I sighed throughout the movie. I think the movie is worth a watch for the action scenes but some of it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

How about you? What did you think of it?


Where’s the best hamburger you had in Tokyo or Chiba area?

The other day I went to Shake Shack. I had heard good things about it so I was excited to try it out. When I got to the restaurant near Tokyo Station it was busy. After looking at a menu I ordered a Double Shack burger and regular fries.  The fries were really good but I thought the burger was too soft and mushy. I realized it was fast food. It’s a little higher quality than McDonalds but actually I prefer Burger King’s Whoppers.  Overall I give Shake Shack a 6/10

So I ask you. Where’s the best hamburger you had in Tokyo or Chiba area?



今回のためになる英語は、” I can’t stand ~”で、日本語の意味は「~は我慢できない」、「~は耐えられない」となります。動詞 stand の「立つ」とは全く関係ない意味になりますので、こちらはフレーズとして覚えて下さいね。

A: Do you have any plans this summer ?

B:I’m planning on going to Karuizawa.

A: Oh, yeah? That sounds very nice!

B: Summer in Tokyo is terrible. I can’t stand the heat in the city.

A: I know what you mean.



I can’t stand the smell of natto.

I can’t stand the crowded trains in Japan.

I can’t stand living downtown in a major city.


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今回のためになる英語は、as far as~ is concerned です。日本語の意味は、“~となると、~に関しては” となります。自分の意見を言う時に使える表現です。


Tom: Hi, Nik. Did you watch the baseball game last night?

Nik: No, i don’t usually watch baseball. As far as sports are concerned, I prefer watching ice hockey.

Tom:Oh, You are from Canada so that doesn’t surprise me.



As far as my new apartment is concerned,  the location is great.

As far as healthy food is concerned,  Japanese food is one of the healthiest.


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今回のためになる英語は、”Keep  in mind that ….” です。

・・・(that 以下)は覚えておいてね。心に留めておいてね”という意味になります。


Teacher : It seems that we have to cancel the marathon today due to bad weather.


Student : Yay, we don’t have to run! Running is the worst.


Teacher : Okay, but keep in mind that you are going to have to run sometime next week.




Keep in mind that you have to bring your own food and drinks to the potluck party.


Keep in mind that you have to finish the report by noon Friday.


Keep in mind that you need a Visa to travel to Brazil.



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今回のためになる英語は、It’s  surprising ~(~の部分はhow +形容詞+主語+動詞になります。) “~(Surprising以下)には驚く。”という意味になります。


A: Hey, Tom, how are you? How’s Paul and Chris ?


B: Hi, I’m good and they are turning 12 this month. It’s surprising how fast kids grow up.


A: That’s true. How’s their school going?


A: It’s good. It’s surprising  how easy kids can remember new things.



下記の例も音読してみてくださいね。It’s ~の~部分を変えて、Surprising 以外でも同じように使えますので、応用してみてください。


It’s surprising how fast the weather changes in Guam.


It’s amazing  how fast houses are built in Japan.


It’s annoying how slow this computer works.



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Golden week in Kansai

I spent 4 days travelling around Kansai in Golden week.

I went to one of my favorite places to take pictures: Fushimi Inari.

I love all the red gates (torii)  lined up the path. There are so many they just keep going.

Near the entrance of the area they always cook sparrow (Suzume 雀 ) on a barbecue. It’s interesting but I don’t think I’ll try it. Anyhow, it was a great trip.