Instant Regret

Here’s the top post from another one of my favorite subreddits called Instant Regret. This guy tries to get past a puddle without getting his shoes too wet.

I could not have anticipated this……..


Kitten’s in charge

It’s so funny how such a big dog is so scared of this little kitten. Some dogs are really nice to smaller cats and dogs or little kids. This dog seems like a total sweetheart.


Japanese workers

Someone made a gif of Japanese workers doing impressive things. I think for Americans, it’s really impressive to see stuff like this because we never see it in the U.S.

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Nintendo’s President

I read about how the president of Nintendo cut his own salary in half after the company’s sales figures went down. It really stuck out in my mind because in the U.S., there are so many stories of companies firing workers to save money while the executives get paid millions. There’s such a big contrast. I wish more companies would be like Nintendo.


Babysitting kittens

This dog is having a hard time babysitting these kittens! I wonder if it’s his first time.

Poor pup is in over his head at his new job.


Hydrodynamic levitation

I read an article about how this works, but I’m still not convinced that it’s not just magic.


Helpful elephant friends

Check out this elephant help a mother elephant save her calf after he falls in the water! The way they react and work together is so human!

Elephants rush to rescue baby elephant that fell in pool


Today I learned (TIL) about Kaizen

I just read a really interesting article on reddit from the TIL (Today I Learned) subreddit. It’s about how Toyota helped the New York City food bank. The food bank serves food for free to a lot of poor people, so it’s really important for them. A lot of major companies donate money to the food bank, but Toyota offered Kaizen instead. Toyota engineers managed to reduce the wait time for people in line for food from 90 minutes to 18 minutes. I think it’s a great example of how you can help people by using creative thinking, and not just by spending money.

Here’s a link to the article:



Since I came to Japan, I’ve been studying Japanese using a textbook called Genki. I like it because it’s easy to understand and has a funny art style. Recently I was learning how to use しておくand I came across this funny example:

A famous prophet said that there will be a big earthquake next week. Tell what the people below will do in advance:


He really buys what the prophet said if he’s planning to sell his house!


A subreddit about dogs

I was showing Chika some posts on reddit yesterday and we came across a subreddit called RarePuppers. I had never seen the word “pupper” before, but it’s clear that it means puppy, or dog in general, since the subreddit is all about dogs.

Someone posted this gif, of a dog helping with a garden:

This is the thing I love about reddit. There are always new and interesting subreddits to discover.