Costco doesn’t put signs in their stores to indicate where different things are, and it’s on purpose. This idea is to make you walk around the store more and see more things that you might end up buying.


Otter playground

If someone asked me what a playground for otters would look like, I would imagine something like this.


Dog’s first toy

This dog was rescued from an abusive home, and now he gets to pick his first toy for his new home! It looks like he’s taking the decision very seriously!

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Origami robot

Check out this tiny robot they made at MIT! They call it an origami robot, because it folds and unfolds by itself. Someone can swallow one and they can control it from outside with magnets. It can do some small kinds of surgery without any cutting.


Robot butler

Check out this robot butler at a hotel delivering some stuff. How long until The Matrix is real?


Robotic Fish

Check out this GIF of some robotic fish. This has to be the most lifelike robot I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t mind having some of these guys as pets. I’m sure they’re lower maintenance than the real thing.


Steve Jobs

Today I learned that Steve Jobs could have avoided a premature death from cancer by having it properly treated with modern medicine. He refused it for 9 months because he believed alternative medicine and diet would be better. It was one of his biggest regrets. I hope some people who are interested in alternative medicine find out about this famous case and realize the importance of modern medicine.
Here’s the wikipedia article that I read:


Dogs can tell when you’re laughing

I learned something really interesting about dogs today. Some scientists did some MRI scans on dogs to see how their brains responded to human voices. Apparently, the dogs’ brains responded to the voices in a similar way to humans’ brains. The scientists think that because dogs have lived alongside humans for so long, they have evolved to understand human emotions like happiness and sadness by listening to their voices. Here’s the full article if you’re interested, but it has a lot of scientific words in it:

English note:

“Dogs can tell when you’re laughing” means: dogs understand when you’re laughing.


Can you tell where he is from? (by hearing his accent)

Can you tell which way is north? (by looking at the sun)

I can tell he doesn’t like spicy food. (by looking at his face)

My mom can tell when I’m lying. (by looking at my face)