Exotic restaurant

This is an exotic restaurant in Nippori that I went to about a few weeks ago. Before going there, my friend told me there was an interesting place that I might be fascinated with. And yes!! She was right !! I absolutely loved this place. Not only did the atmosphere impress me but also I was quite satisfied with the amount of food! I can’t wait to go back there!



Craney Day

It’s fun seeing these two huge cranes in action. They are working on a cool project next to Chiba Park. They’re replacing the bike racing track and the new one is going to be a dome! I can’t wait to see it! Are there any big construction projects happening around your house or office?


Back to the future the musical

A friend of mine in England went to see this musical last week. I’m not really a big fan of musicals, but I think this one looks really good. I love the movie and I hope I get the chance to see how it works as a musical.

Are there any classic movies that you would like to see turned into musicals?


Rainbow in the sky

I saw this cool rainbow in Chiba the other day. I’d never seen one like this before. It was only a partial rainbow and it was directly overhead. It looked like the sky was smiling 😊 at me.
Have you ever seen an unusual rainbow? 


Hinamatsuri – 雛祭り

When I opened google this morning, I found that today’s doodle celebrates Japan’s Girls’ Day.

Happy Hinamatsuri!!

By the way, do you know the other name for this festival ? (Do not google it!! Ha ha ha)