Halloween doughnuts!

Get down to Krispy Kreme for some Halloween doughnuts! You might need a long walk after eating them.

Textbook Tuesday

Get rid of stress →ストレスを解消する

Get rid of the tension in my shoulders→肩こりを解消する

Taking a hot bath is a good way to get rid of stress.→暖かい湯船に浸かるのは、ストレス解消にいい

Doing yoga is a good way of getting rid of the tension in my shoulders.→ヨガは肩こり解消にいい

Mind Challenge Monday#19

Today’s riddle!

Good luck!

A man pushes his car to a hotel and tells the owner that he is bankrupt. Why?

Pancake morning near Ometesando station

Pancake morning near Omotesando station.

I wouldn’t call myself a pancake person BUT these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had! A little expensive but worth it if you only go a few times a year 🙂

Check it out= https://goo.gl/maps/gsiEe26MN9fv93xn7


Under the Dome

I posted a picture a few months ago of some cranes at work so I wanted to post an update. If you missed the first post, they’re building an indoor bicycle stadium in Chiba. It seems like it’s coming along well and it’s really cool to see it take shape

By the way, what’s the best stadium you’ve ever been to? 

To take shape; beginning to take a clear form.

Your Gundam model is really starting to take shape.

My Lego Tokyo Tower is finally starting to take shape.



Meeting former prime Minister Abe.

Because Prime Minister Abe just stepped down I thought it would be a good time to share an Abe memory: when I met him!

Back in 2018, we were having the Jabble Shinjuku School hanami party in Yoyogi Park, when out of nowhere Abe appeared! I’d had (more than) a few beers and I’m easily starstruck, so what did I do? I ran up to him in my socks and asked him for a selfie! Ha ha!
He was nice enough to let me take a picture with him, so here you go!

Learn English From Movie Quotes!

『イカとクジラ/The Squid and the Whale』(2005) 

監督:ノア・バームバック/Noah Baumbach








例:He is quite successful in business.


例:The event was a huge success.


例:Why do some people succeed and others don’t? 


used to~


used toの後に動詞の原形で、過去の習慣や状態を表します。

例:I used to go to gym every week.


例:She used to be very talkative.


※似た表現で「be used to~」というのがありますが、こちらは「~に慣れている」という表現です。またtoの後は動詞の原形ではなく、名詞(もしくは動名詞)がきます。

例:I am used to getting up early.




Textbook Tuesday

This movie makes me want to cry →これは泣きたくなる映画です。

That book made me want to travel →あの本を読むと旅に行きたくなった。