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出典元: Disney Warner Bros 『ミラベルと魔法だらけの家/Encanto』(2021) 監督:ジャレド・ブッシュ/Jared Bush – バイロン・ハワード/Byron Howard This movie follows the story of the Madrigals, a special family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a beautiful town called Encanto. The house has gifted each member with magical powers, that is, everyone but Mirabel. With a […]

Fair game of tug-of-war? この綱引きはあり?

Caption: Fair tug-of-war battle(公正な綱引き) I wasn’t expecting the dog to be mean to his younger sister, I guess he had no sympathy even though she was so small. 😂 She’ll get her revenge someday 😈 小さな自分より小さい犬にこんな意地悪をするなんて予想外(笑)相手がこんなに小さいのに容赦ない戦いっぷりです😂きっとこの子もいつか仕返するはず😈 今日の英単語🐕🐕 I wasn’t expecting: 予想/期待していなかった Sympathy: 同情、思いやり Revenge: 復讐、仕返し

Popular Cafe in Shibuya

I went to a cafe in Shibuya with my friend over the weekend. It was surprisingly really popular, the line went outside and down the sidewalk! We had to wait in line outside for almost 15 minutes, when we got to the counter we ordered the cafe’s special sandwich and ice coffee. As expected, they […]

Fun at Disney Land!

I went to Disney Land a few weeks ago, the day after Children’s day, and luckily it wasn’t crowded at all. The Journey To the Center of the Earth was my favorite ride. 数週間前、子供の日の翌日にディズニーランドに行ってきました!ラッキーなことに全く混んでませんでした。センター・オブ・ジ・アースがお気に入りのアトラクションです。 Samantha 船橋校 今日の英単語🐭 a few weeks ago: 数週間前 luckily: ラッキーなことに not~ at all: 全く〜ではない ride: 乗り物、アトラクション

Day Trip To Yokohama

This year, I went to Yokohama for Golden Week. One of the highlights of the day trip was the Fruhlings Fest at the Red Brick Warehouse. The festival was really packed with people, most of them were in line to buy beer and sausages. I didn’t have a lot of time so I couldn’t buy […]


Please describe the photo above. この写真を描写してみましょう! 例: Two girls are wearing tank tops. (2人の女性がタンクトップを着ている) The guy on the far right is wearing a pink t-shirt. (右端の男性はピンクのTシャツを着ている) Everyone is wearing a mask. (全員マスクをつけている) ぜひ、コメント欄でみなさんの解答を教えてくださいね!


ぶ 出典元: Disney Warner Bros 『今を生きる/Dead Poets Society』(1989) 監督:ピーターウィアー/Peter Weir For generations the students of Welton Academy have been groomed to conform and follow the strict tradition of high society. Dead Poets Society follows one class in particular where a group of boys go about their school days doing nothing but studyingー that is until a […]

Bucket List Hotel You Should Definitely Go To!

Captions: Bucket list hotels you need to visit in your lifetime. Part 27 —> Hotel Xcaret, Mexico 人生で一度は訪れたたいホテル Part27→ ホテル Xcaret inメキシコ Countries are slowly opening their borders again or planning on to later this year. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is traveling! What destinations have you been itching to go to […]

Some fun filters to try on your pets

I don’t remember how many times I re-watched this but it never gets old! You have to try this on your pets and share it with us. 😂 I wonder what this filter would look like on a bunny. 🐰 何度この動画を見たことか(笑)いつ見ても面白い!ペットがいる方はこのフィルターを使ってみて、ぜひシェアしてください😂ウサギに使ったらどんな風になるんだろう🐰 今日の英単語😼 re-watched: もう一度見る get old: 古くなる、飽きられる wonder: 〜だろうか