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Mind Challenge Monday#4

Can you guess the food in the pictures?  That red fruit in the photo  is called a Pomegranate. Check out the website below for a fun ‘guess the food quiz.’ I got 6 out of 8 on the quiz. Tell us your score!   https://www.buzzfeed.com/shelbyheinrich/close-up-food-test?bf

Hello everyone! I’m Samantha

Hello everyone! I’m Samantha. I started working at Jabble this June. I’ve never worked in Chiba before, so on my last day off I explored and walked around Ichikawa. I found this lovely park near Wayo Women’s University. It also has an impressive rose garden with a fountain. You should check it out if you’ve […]


Because of the state of emergency I hadn’t gotten my hair cut for 3 months.  Well every time I go to the barbershop the barber is different so what do I do to get a somewhat similar haircut…?  Answer: I take out a photo of David Beckham and say, “Make me look like this, please.” […]

Toshiko Okanoue Exhibition at the Teien Museum

Toshiko Okanoue Exhibition at Teien   My sister, my brother in law and I went to an exhibition in Tokyo. It was an exhibition at the Teien Art museum in Tokyo. We saw Toshiko Okanoue’s artwork. She makes collage artworks that are like eerie dreams. A lot of her artwork have women in them, but […]